Thursday, April 28, 2011

Job Perks

One of many.

I was invited to the birthday party of one of my students this afternoon. The benefit of teaching at a neighborhood school is that it was a two minute detour from my commute home. In addition to continuing to connect with my student's family, I was also invited to watch him and his bff (also in my class) compete for my attention doing flips and twists.

And then I got in on the bouncing fun. And got a *now* six year old's description of where everyone else in my class lives in relationship to the bounce house. The only sad part was that I had to leave too soon.

Though I'm sure I'll relive the memory tomorrow- I did promise they could share about it at our morning share time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Warms My Heart

Big, thick manuals telling me how to do my job.

No sarcasm here, either.

Being a super type-A person, I received a manual that lays out in nice flow charts what I'm supposed to do as Team Host in Sierra Leone this summer.

As, Sarah put it, "She'll have it read by the end of the week." True.

What is a Team Host, you ask? As teams with Children of the Nations come to serve in Sierra Leone this summer, I'll help them out. A basic "Kindergarten style" definition for sure, but it pretty much sums it up. If you want to know more, I do have a very lovely manual.

I do want to clarify that I am still also leading the teacher team and working with the teachers (yay)- just call me a woman of many talents.

Time to read.

Friday, April 15, 2011

For Sarah

Over Spring Break, I went to visit my friend Sarah in Seattle. Part of that trip took us up to Sol Duc in the Olympia National Forest.

We stopped by a lodge on the way to do some waterfall hiking and were kindly but emphatically warned that the path was probably too snowy to hike.

Truth: There was snow. Second Truth: Colorado might not win for rainfall, but we do have real snow.

So, last weekend when Eric and I headed up to the mountains of Colorado, we went hiking with our friends. We didn't bring enough pairs of snowshoes because we felt like there wouldn't be too much snow to bog us down.

Truth: There was snow. Second Truth: We needed two more pairs of snowshoes.

Yes. There were multiple feet of snow. At first we fell only a little, but then we fell some more and then more and then every single step.

Thankfully, Grace came through and shared a snowshoe. Though in the end, it was too snowy to hike.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes

This one won the card contest:

May your day be filled with sparkles, smiles, children who keep their clothes on, and lots of listening!

Only other teachers know what the best wishes are.

Monday, April 11, 2011


So, I'm busy. Ha-right. Of course I'm busy, I'm American. Yes being a team leader is a lot of post-work working and now I'm pulling my clothes out of suitcases on the weekends for 3 weeks running and, and, and.... I'll stop before I lose you, because, well you're busy too. It's our American simultaneous blessing and curse. And chances are as you read this, you're thinking of how busy you are.

Perhaps, you're like the Special Ed staff in my district who have all their Sped documentation due on Frdiay.

Or like my friend who's busy being a mom and working and selling a home.

Or one of the med students I know.

Or Eric who just had about one and a half too many projects for school this week.

This isn't one of those posts on how we should all take time to smell the roses like some of our friends in other international communities. It's just life.

Which is why, I am thankful for the respite afforded to me.

For things like the Rocky Mountains. And good friends to share them with. Even if it means one more weekend out of a suitcase.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yes, I Do Appreciate It

This past week I spent my glorious Spring Break- in the land of (almost) no sun- Northern Washington. I am grateful that a week long break from reading groups and runny noses and the hilarious conversations of Kindergarten is in order being a teacher. I'll consider it my perk for constantly being told how awful public educators are.

I ventured with my dear friend Sarah up through Seattle, Olympia National Forest (I think!), and Victoria, B.C. (because after all, Canada is always awesome). We were even in Port Angeles, now famous thanks to Ms. Meyer.

Sarah was the most excellent tour guide. The last time I had ventured up here was during my senior year of high school during which time I suffered from both awkward-hormonal-teenageness and also a bout of food poisoning. Washington is now redeemed.