Friday, June 20, 2008

Africa Update

I've spoken with Nicole twice (both times quite briefly) since she arrived in Africa. She and the team are doing well. Biggest prayer request for her is for her health; she's had slight stomach discomfort and a swollen bug bite on her ankle (anybody who's spent any time with Nicole knows she is super allergic to all variety of bug bites).

It's been real quiet here for the most part. Cats are nice, but no replacement for one's wife :)

I'm close to having employment lined up, but it's not certain yet - I'll post again when things are ironed out completely. Thanks for your prayers during our move, job transition, and for Nicole while she's away!

Things I don't like about Denver:
* The super-dry air. Most mornings when I wake up my lips are chapped and my throat is dry.
* Not having my wife here
* Rude big-city drivers

P.S. I have short hair again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm here!

Well, I have safely arrived in Denver and am currently getting moved into our apartment. It's a bit like playing real-life Tetris due to having to rearrange everything slowly. I've had a job interview and a couple of prospects, so we'll see what happens on that front. Nicole and her team have safely arrived in Sierra Leone and are doing well, as far as I know.

Things I like about Denver so far:
* mid 70's and sunny every day I've been here so far
* Easy access to...well, everything (we have a Target across the street from us)
* The strong Hispanic presence and culture - definitely something I grew used to in Texas and missed in Alabama!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Photo Documentation of a Visit from the Schwarzs

Over Memorial Day weekend, we were blessed with a visit from our good friends Jay and Mary. We can ultimately credit Mary with the fact that we share this blog, as we met through her, and we really like Jay a lot too! This post is a little late in coming, but I was waiting on the amazing photos from Mary who is a photographer. Check her out here! Note the new sidebar picture is also one of her shots!

Over the weekend, we...
rocked out to Guitar Hero

Packed some boxes

Solved the world's problems

And did some kitten photo shoots...

We also went to the Civil Right's Memorial in Montgomery. Cheap and enjoyable if you ever find yourself in south Alabama. Unfortunately, Mary forgot her camera.

An Update on Hives, Hair, and Housing

Well, I'm a little less harebrained than I was the other day... or at least I have less hair anyways!

Thank you to all who have been praying for Eric and I! I have some good news to share. First, my hives are officially gone which is such a relief. The sad news is you all missed a pretty funny Benadryl-ed up version of myself :)

More good news... we officially have a place to live and an address! Yea! Now they have a place to ship my luggage if it gets lost, and even more importantly, my sweet husband will have a place to ship our stuff and himself! Thank you to Sarah for your apartment hunting, the Hunts for offering your home as a storage bin, and to my grandparents for offering to watch the great-grandkitties!

Our house if practically packed (at least I'm convincing myself of this as I take time to type this), and we will load up on Friday.

I leave Saturday and would appreciate your prayers for the trip. (See previous post.)

Oh, and I chopped off my hair. It was very liberating :)