Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some School Funnies

Two posts- one night :) I'm on a roll....

Yesterday at work, I had a funny conversation with one of my students. I had promised my student that after finishing the required work I would let this student get on the computer to "play" the educational computer game that our district has purchased for internet use. However, when I tried to log this student in, I was unable to do so as the site was down. I explained that the computer wasn't working... and promised computer use when the site was working again.

A few minutes later, I called the student over to me to take an Accelerated Reader quiz (a book quiz on the internet for you non-teachers out there). The student was aghast and said, "Mrs. Anderson, the computer is working- look! Now, I can get on it!" I tried to explain in kindergarten language, "Well part of the computer is working so we can play this game (everything is a game in kindergarten- it's very motivational), but the other game is broken." My student replied, "It must be working. Look at it!" To which I replied the kindergarten equivalent of "Tough luck." How do you explain the internet to a five year old????

After this conversation, I began typing in this student's ID on the log in page, which is first initial-last name. Turning to a friend, this student replied matter-a-factly, "Mrs. Anderson doesn't know how to write all of my name." How easily we forget who has taught us what we know!

The Best Chrismas Pageant Ever

I love that book. I don't remember when I started reading it as a child, but my family had a copy which I read every single Christmas. Even now, every time I read it it makes me laugh and cry.

When Eric and I started dating in 2004, I discovered much to my shock that Eric had never read the book much less heard of it and decided to remedy this at once. I bought a copy and read it to Eric, mostly at various parks around Dallas since we were dating with no place to go, and he enjoyed it. So when Christmas 2005 rolled around, I read it to him again. By Christmas 2006, we had a tradition and were able to have a place to actually read it in- our home... though I think we may have finished it with his family in Colorado.

This year, I will be reading the story to Eric again, maybe as we drive to Dallas as fast as we can. Tonight though, we had the pleasure of watching two of our youth girls perform as Imogene and Gladys in their high school Christmas play. Girls, you did great! Everyone else- "Hey! Unto you a child is born!"