Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am sure that all of you who read this have been waiting with bated breath to discover whether or not I would be getting my Alabama driver's license.

Well breathe easy my friends, because I now have in my possession one official temporary Alabama driver's license (yay) and one hole-punched Texas one (sniff, sniff).

I have good memories of my Texas driver's license- my friend Lindsay and I went down to the DMV together being both new June brides. It was a very weird but exciting experience to get my name changed on all my identification. Now, a year and a half later, it was not quite as exciting. I rushed over to the DMV as soon as school was out after Eric convinced them that morning to stay open a little bit closer to closing than usual. I gave them my information, said no,no,no,no to all the questions, and smiled (after a day spent with five year-olds I looked quite lovely let me tell you!)...
But I have it, and for that I am thankful.

Now if I can just get that voter's registration card... oh and that doctor's appointment... oh and new tags for my car... all before they roll up the sidewalks at 2 p.m. tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

DMV Drama

First off, I would like to say "thanks" to Heather for validating what I have already believed- living in a small town is like living in a foreign country!

On Friday, Eric called the DMV at 8:30 on Friday morning to check to see if they would be at work. He figured that calling at 8:30 would ensure someone was working since they opened at 8 a.m.. He figured wrong. No one was in yet. When he tried again at 9:30, he did reach the lady who was working.

She was very "Southern-ly" friendly, until she realized that he wanted her to stay at work until closing- or at least until we could get there at 3:30. She informed Eric that she would be leaving before 2:30 and would not commit to being there until 4:30 on the following Thursday or Friday. Eric explained to her that I could not get off work until 3:30 and did not want to take time-off to come in. She then said that even if I took off time to come in early, she wouldn't guaranty that she would be in or see us before she decided to leave.

I said that it was maybe God's sign that we cannot live here.
Eric said that maybe he should go get his license so that we can reregister our cars before our tags expire this month and that I should just get one this summer.

I guess either way I can keep my Texas identity a little bit longer.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Blogoughts

*Blogoughts... my Nicole-ese for thoughts that I want to blog about... and then don't.

Here is my random compilation:

* Our cat Cuddles is the kitten version of Indiana Jones. She tears around the house at break-neck speeds jumping in and out of things, up and down things, over and under things. She views all things as possible enemies or prey- with her the action never stops except for a very few hours. Our question is: does she know she's pretending or is she really living in this fantasy world??

*I often feel the effects of Deja Vu at school... and today I decided it is for real. For example, on soup day one of my students will say to me, "Mmmm Mrs. Anderson, I love Cowboy Soup." (She names it this- the cafeteria calls it "Soup.") I then say "Good. I'm glad so-and-so" while I look up at her and realize that she is holding her soup over her lap instead of eating it on her tray. I, imagining all sorts of horrifying situations where she ends up with lunch down her front, say "Put in on your tray! Don't hold it." I swear this scenario has happened several times.

*This one is for all you moms out there! Yesterday in the bus line, I was listening in on another kindergarten teacher's students' conversation. It went like this:
Student #1: "Look teacher! My mom made me this purse!" (It was sewn out of Capri Suns).
Student #2(disgruntled): My mom doesn't make me anything... only food!

*Another small town moment: Eric and I went to the DMV today to get our new Driver's Licenses- I will mourn for my Texas identifications... but not yet. Apparently, our DMV that is already only open on Thursdays and Fridays til 4:30 decided that was way too much time to be in operation! We went at 4:00 today to discover that the person in charge left before 3:30 because she wanted to. We were also informed that she may or may not be in tomorrow...

Christmas in Review

Lots has happened since we last wrote. Nicole and I enjoyed 1.5 weeks of vacation over Christmas and New Year's with trips to Dallas and Denver. We split Christmas day with both our families and then traveled to Denver to see good friends. Even our cats got in on the action (our cat-sitters had to back-down before we left, so they ended up coming with us).

Highlights of Christmas break for me included: my first-ever NFL game (got to see the Broncos & Vikings on Sunday - cheap tickets since neither time was headed for the post-season), lots of quality game-playing time, snow football, sledding, Christmas with family, and a chance to catch up with good friends.

Now we're back in Greenville gearing up for a new semester. Nicole is back in the classroom and I'm in the midst of massive reorganization of the church office and beginning a series on dating with the youth.