Sunday, October 25, 2009

Letters from Samuel

Today Eric and I received a sponsorship letter from Samuel, a teenage boy we sponsor in Ngolala, Sierra Leone. Doing sponsorship in Sierra Leone is not my favorite task, and it even received its own motivational song. The reason for this is it is hard to eek out of the younger children meaningful messages in their own words to send back to their sponsors. What was exciting about receiving Samuel's letter is that he was able to write it. And it impacted me deeply.

Last week, Eric and I found out that the girl we had originally sponsored, Janet, is back in Ngolala. This is exciting as we began sponsoring her after my first trip to Sierra Leone. I became close with her family- her mother Margaret, her younger sister Mangela, and at the time her very new baby brother. I received news last April that Janet was no longer in Ngolala and was heartbroken at the thought I would miss seeing her in the summer. However, God was (is) good, and He allowed me the opportunity to see her back in Freetown (SL's capital). Her uncle explained that her mother had been injured from a motorcycle accident and had to leave Ngolala for medical care. He explained that they would be returning home in the fall. When the sponsorship coordinator for COTN let us know, Eric and I were excited to once again be part of Janet's life.

These children, and all the children of COTN in Banta, mean so much to me. God is at work in their lives and on their hearts. My prayer is that He would raise Janet and Samuel and Ami and Musa and Joseph and Sahr Brima and Christiana and, and, and as godly leaders in Sierra Leone.

There are many other children who are in need of sponsors that they too can receive a good education and an opportunity to hear of Christ daily. If interested please go to COTN for more information.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Let the Holidays Begin!

I did take [a lot of] pictures of this. This past week, our small group convened for a fall party-meets Monday night Bronco football night.

The guts

The glory

And the die-hard Bronco fan

The Hunts
And us

And our masterpiece- I picked/drew the design, and Eric wielded the knife.

The group sans photographer

Happy fall!

Punjammies, Princesses, and Bollywood

We were hearting India last Saturday night!

Susan and I hosted a "Punjammie Party" to raise awareness of sex trafficking in India (and around the world) and also of cute pjs that help make a difference.

I found out about International Princess Project last fall from this blog and proceeded to buy some for my dear friend and sis-in-law. When I received the package in the mail, I realized that I knew the name of the person on the return address. It turns out my old JBU R.A. and R.D. both work as admins for this organization. Talk about small world!

So last Saturday, we got to drink some yummy chai, eat some naan, and learn more about this organization that provides women rescued from prostitution with a way to make a sustainable living. Basically, they make beautiful pajamas, and we buy beautiful pajamas. Please check out the website!

I wish I had taken pictures, but unfortunately I forgot. We did however get to laugh our hearts out to Bride and Prejudice, and if you come visit me, I can sport my pj pants for you in person!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And Now It's Winter...

First snowfall today.

Last year, it was beautiful and thick. This year it couldn't decide between rain, slush, or real snow (sorry Dallas).

But, it didn't scare me today. And I had no problem driving it.

Maybe I'm becoming a real Coloradan.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fa-all!"

I love fall! It just makes me happy!

Meet Our New Member of the Family!

Meet our new car! After "Oldy" bit the dust at the good ol age of 23, we were fortunate enough to be able to buy our good friends' (Chase and Julie) car. We gained a car about 10 years older, and Eric is cruisin around town reliving the days of driving a stick. (And I plan to learn!) We got the car in mid-September... but now you finally get to meet him too! Any name suggestions?

Friday, October 2, 2009

It was time.

You know work-life has gotten a little bit ridiculous when..

* you and your co-teachers leave at or after 6pm almost every night
* when you can't find a time to schedule an optical appointment almost 4 weeks out
* when you have no voice and are still attempting to teach (especially first grade!)
* when you're sick and are in need of a sick day

Well, don't worry about me, because I am taking the day off. I'm attempting to heal from this ridiculous cold, recover my voice, and recover my sanity. I only sent one school related email and now I'm off to relax and recuperate. Happy Friday!